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What People Are Saying . . .

The “Let Go and Live Free” Event (Learning You Are Enough) with Libby Lancaster Johnson is just the summer “vacation” experience I needed!  In the midst of a world-wide health crisis and racial unrest, this class has connected me to others seeking to discover similar goals regarding identity and purpose.  From the first session, I began to feel a release from negative self-talk and experience personal and professional freedom. 

Ka’thy Gore Chappell,
Executive Director,
Baptist Women in Ministry of North Carolina   

This class helped me recognize shame triggers from my past and gave me specific ways to combat these untruths. I am beginning to recognize when I have a negative thought about myself and quickly replace it with a truth from God’s Word…how He sees me, knows everything about me and still loves me so much He gave His Son to die for me.

Judy Shoemaker

This class has been very empowering as I have dealt with shame and guilt all my life. I believe that knowledge is power, and I feel more enlightened about the triggers in my life that provoke the shame and guilt feelings. I now understand where those triggers originate and how to better identify and sort through my emotions. I have come to realize that shame does not need to be a knee jerk reaction for me any longer. I appreciate Libby sharing of her time, resources, and personal experiences to enlighten me in this journey.

Christi Hollifield

My biggest takeaway was “really asking myself the hard questions, then picking apart the lies and replacing them with God’s truths about me…. then, believing them. So good.”  Understanding my triggers and how to break them apart and have victory with God over the lies has been life changing and a gift. You’re never too old to change a pattern that is unhealthy so you can live out in freedom and peace in God. Thank you so much Libby

Wendi Marsh

Taking Libby’s class was a life changer for me, and I am so thankful for Libby and the class. The class has totally changed the way that I think and live my life! I have begun the process of healing lifelong wounds and I am so grateful for these teachings. God loves me and I am the way that I am and that is ok! God made me this way! So thankful that I made the decision to be a part of this class. Thank you, Libby! You have saved me and given me the tools to no longer feel shame.  I am forever grateful.

Cristi Moore

I’m a 73 yr old widow and I wish I could have taken this class about 65 years ago.  It certainly has helped me realize how I have allowed myself to be a victim rather than a victor.  There’s a new day dawning thanks to the freedom I have found through Libby’s class and guidance. She is a gift from God!

Jan Griffith

Libby recently led a spiritual retreat for our office and it was absolutely wonderful! She was very intentional during the planning process about learning what we wanted from the retreat and provided great feedback and suggestions as to what activities would fit the personalities and preferences of the group. The retreat activities provided a wide range of opportunities for spiritual engagement that spoke to everyone on many different levels. It was a beautiful time of individual spiritual growth that was done in rich fellowship as a group. Libby embodies a beautiful spiritual presence that creates a safe, comfortable, and directive space for individuals to take part in a spiritual retreat. The retreat provided time together as a team that was both meaningful, memorable, and much needed.

Amber H. Johnson-Carter
Director of Admissions

Campbell University Divinity School
Buies Creek, NC

Working with Libby was an extremely enjoyable experience that I looked forward to each session.  Before coaching I couldn’t seem to sort out and manage the many demands on my time, all of which seemed important.  After coaching, I was able to prioritize, focus, and make decisions about what to let go of and what to dive into.  Libby listened to me, giving me space to talk through my concerns and obstacles, and asked pointed questions that challenged me to think deeper than surface level.  I felt confident in moving forward with a plan of action that I came up with through her coaching.  I highly recommend Libby as a coach who will be a partner with you in moving forward in life!

Jana Waits
Life Coach
Kansas City, Missouri

Before coaching with Libby, I found myself stuck in a job where I was no longer challenged.  I loved the company, my colleagues, and my industry, but I was professionally stagnant but fearful of change.  Libby coached me through my fears, through the interviewing process of a new opportunity and through the transition before, during, and after the job change. Yes, a job change!  Libby coached me to success! I was able to face my fear of change and successfully worked through all the anxiety and stresses that come with a new opportunity.  Thank you, Libby, for helping me to rediscover my potential and natural God-given talents.  

Cynthia Wilson
Development Manager
Healthcare Industry
Shallotte, NC

When I attended the “Be Still” conference I didn’t know what to expect. The different breakout sessions we did were all moving and helpful for me. I loved praying in colors and being intentional during that time about what and who I was praying for. The Labyrinth walk was very moving for me; I’d never done anything like that. 

Joan Mazhari
Good Shepherd United Methodist
Charlotte, NC

I still remember sitting in the sanctuary and praying the scripture, which was such a peaceful time for me. Also, doing the physical prayers was a new experience for me and very touching. To this day, when I sit down to color I remember the praying in color experience and I’m reminded to pray for different people. 

Terry Brock
Winter Park Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC

Before working with Libby, I was feeling a bit off track with staying focused on my business goals, and felt the need for support and guidance. Libby is professional, warm and a pleasure to work with. In each of our coaching sessions, she knew the right questions to ask to lead me to the clarity of my own answers, and offered insights and personal examples to support the process of getting clear on those answers. As we wrapped up our final coaching session, I felt more focused and back on track than I had been, and appreciative of the guidance I received. Thank you, Libby! 

Catherine Dietz
Relationship Coach
San Diego, CA

I am really enjoying the process of overcoming what is holding me back from being the best me. Libby is leading us though conversations and the homework is helping to show me triggers that set me back. I’m feeling more confident and know that I will be stronger on the other side of this class.


My biggest takeaway was being able to recognize my shame triggers and recognize the reactions that take place in my body and in my mind when I am experiencing shame. This has already helped me and will continue to help me moving forward as I learn how to overcome shame.

Defining shame, learning how to recognize shame triggers, and naming unwanted identities is challenging and transforming work. These sessions have taught me how to be more self-aware and deal with my shame in a healthier way. While the process of overcoming shame will be a life-long journey, because of these sessions and Libby’s graceful guidance, I believe I can now take productive steps towards shame resilience.

 Muriel Lasater-Sizemore

The “story I am telling myself…” language has been so helpful. This is in reference to Brené Brown talking about something with her husband after swimming in a lake. It has helped me express shame in a really powerful way. I am not sure why the brief phrase is so helpful, but it is.

 EVERYONE feels shame. It helps me not feel alone in my shame.

An Empowered Particitant

This series has not only provided me tools to recognize when I feel shame, but also the language to express it. As someone who strongly prefers to not address negative feelings in myself (things go away when I suppress and avoid them, right? wrong…), this is truly invaluable. Is it really hard work? Does it suck at times to address? Absolutely. But the freedom it gives makes it worth it.

Michael Lasater-Sizemore

I loved the retreat! There was just enough time to process, reflect, and spend time with ladies. I loved the affirmation and scripture cards. I keep mine in my bathroom and start my day with them reminding me what God says, not the world or myself. 

Sarah Bolton
Retreat Participant
Wilmington, NC

I have had a love of photography most of my life.  A couple of years ago I realized that photography could be a viable business for myself.  I was unsure how to approach this journey, but through coaching with Libby, I recognized that I wanted to take some college courses to further my knowledge of photography.  There were many times that I felt overwhelmed with life and coaching kept me focused and able to prioritize all the things that needed to be done – not only things related to photography. I am pleased to say that through coaching I found the confidence needed to secure a job as a portrait photographer with Lifetouch while pursuing other types of freelance work as time allows.  Today I feel very fulfilled because of my coaching experience with Libby.

Darlene Wilson
Wilmington, NC

Coaching with Libby gave me the courage I needed to move in a direction that was difficult but necessary.

Debbie Pye
Clinical Research Industry
Wilmington, NC

Libby gave a beautiful message of how to apply God’s word to our own lives at the “Be Still” conference.  As a member of the WINGS ministry at Winter Park Baptist Church, Libby showed true leadership by walking the attendees through the steps needed to “prune” the busyness from their lives and find a true stillness with God. Her message was one of challenge and of inspiration.  I highly recommend Libby as a speaker for any organization.  You will truly be encouraged and blessed by Libby as she shares her heart with your group.

Kelly Lecci
Winter Park Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC

Being still with beautiful women of God in an idyllic mountain setting was the perfect combination of time alone to contemplate and time together to share and grow in scripture based lessons. I learned new ways to worship and pray and grew closer in my walk with Christ. This was an experience that I will never forget.

Becky McCarthy
Closer Walk United Methodist
Leland, NC

I was invited to attend the “Be Still” retreat by my mother, but I will admit I was a little nervous because I only knew two people, my mom and Libby! But what a blessing I received!  I made new friends and learned so many tools that I still use, and have shared with many people. Libby is an excellent leader and teacher. She was able to keep us on task and engaged, yet still providing time for private reflection. The activities we did really helped me open myself up to a deeper understanding of my daily priorities and showed me a different way to pray which helped me so much. I felt so much love from this group and it was an experience I won’t ever forget! Thank you, Libby!!

Kerry Poinsett
Fisher Street Baptist Church
Concord, NC

I went on the “Be Still” retreat with Libby Johnson.  The activities took me outside my comfort zone, at times, but I experienced true communion with God and deepened relationships with other women.  Libby provided a wonderful balance of structure and space to allow God’s spirit to work among us in powerful ways.  The weekend was a true blessing!

Amanda Hobbs
Winter Park Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC

I have attended both the “Be Still” retreat in the mountains and the conference that was held at our church. The time of worshiping and sharing at the first retreat was one of the most meaningful times of my life.  Learning different methods of prayer helped me to connect with my Savior on a deeper level. Libby tried to help me figure out why I was resisting something so awesome.  A year or so later, Libby hosted a similar retreat at our church. I talked with Libby again about my struggle and she encouraged me to walk the Labyrinth.  It was a hard walk there, but I took one step into the Labyrinth and the tears started flowing.  I just walked and prayed and cried and prayed and cried.  These two events moved me in a such a way that not long afterwards, Libby baptized me.

Suzanne Shearer
Winter Park Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC

Because of the great coaching from Libby I have been able to increase my massage therapy clientele. I have to say, Libby has guided me through thoughts, ideas and plans to make things happen! I’ve almost tripled my client list! And it’s still growing! I’m happy, my clients are happy and even my bank account is happier. I am more motivated, energized and have more self-worth due to her coaching and guidance. Thank you, Libby, for everything!

Beth Patrick
Massage Therapy and Well-Being
Wilmington, NC

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