Coaching With Libby

Move from frustration to fulfillment

What is coaching?

What would life look like if you had clarity to move from frustration to fulfillment?

Who needs a coach?

  • You feel stuck and can’t determine what your next step should be
  • You are facing a difficult challenge and don’t know how to deal with it
  • You are finding that you cannot motivate yourself to get things done
  • You feel as though you want to go further but have maxed out your current resources

Through coaching you may:

  • Get more accomplished in less time
  • Improve relationships
  • Receive help in making big decisions
  • Experience the ability to set and reach goals

Success in coaching comes through:

  • Being honest with yourself about what is holding you back
  • Being committed to making the changes that foster growth
  • Being open to new ways of thinking and acting
  • Being accountable
  • Being willing to work hard

Ready for A Coach?

If you know that coaching is what you need, then it is time now to schedule your 30-minute discovery session

Do you need a Life Coach?

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What coaching is not:

  • Counseling is often a process of looking back and healing from past hurts while coaching is focused on looking forward to create actions for growth
  • Consulting is different from coaching because the consultant is the expert on a given scenario and makes suggestions for change while in coaching the client is the expert and charts their course of action with the collaboration of the coach
  • Mentoring involves advising and counseling in order to provide wisdom and guidance based on one’s own experience for a client. Coaches do not advise or counsel
“Coaching with Libby gave me the courage I needed to move in a direction that was difficult but necessary.”
Debbie Pye

Clinical Research Industry, Wilmington, NC