About Libby L. Johnson

Coach, speaker, wife, mother, friend

Libby L. Johnson

Coach, speaker,
wife, mother, friend

A little about me

I am glad you are here. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Libby L. Johnson, life transition coach, small business coach, consultant, speaker, writer, preacher, ordained CBF Baptist minister, hairdresser, wife, mother and Christ follower.

My passion is to inspire confidence in others as they discover their fullest self, whatever that means for you. I do that through coaching by helping you determine where you are stuck and what obstacles are holding you back. Through active listening and sometimes asking tough questions, I help you develop the action steps you need to move forward.

As a speaker, I bring a message of hope to folks that no matter where life has taken them, they can overcome and be all that God intended for them to be. So often we don’t move forward because we allow our past to hold us back.

If you feel stuck and are confused as to what your next steps should be, I would invite you to take a look at my coaching page. If you are interested in how I could serve your group as a speaker then please take a look at my speaking page.

On a more personal side:

I am a native of Wilmington NC. I married my high school sweetheart, Kenny, over 30 years ago. We have two young-adult boys, Brandon and Zack, who we love and adore and are great young men. Sounds like a perfect scenario, right? Well, life has thrown me some curve balls. Life hasn’t always been perfect, and isn’t always perfect now. I haven’t always been the perfect Christian, wife or mother. BUT GOD, in his great mercy, grace and forgiveness has allowed me to flourish and be a light for him.

I am passionate about my work as a coach and speaker and constantly see how God is using this in my ministry.

In the spare time I have, I enjoy going to the beach, visiting the mountains, walking, reading for pleasure, and any kind of self-care. I love self-care and you should never feel guilty for it.

My credentials:

In 2012, I began a new journey. God called me to full-time ministry and I enrolled at Campbell University Divinity School and began my four-year quest for a Master of Divinity. I graduated in May 2016.  That same month finished my second coach training class. God has shown me so much and taught me even more as I have walked with him through many next steps.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches. I also have earned a Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching (CCLC) through Coach Approach Ministries (CAM).

In 2017 I completed a week-long training called “The Art of Consulting with Faith Communities” presented by The Center for Congregational Health, which covered topics that included consulting through change, transition, conflict, and visioning.

As a Charter Premier Member of Exoteric, I not only provide coaching to leaders across the country, I also lead a team of Exoteric coaches and experts who are helping entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their purpose and dreams.

I am also a graduate of UNC-Wilmington and hold a BS in Business Management.

Fun facts:

Libby L. Johnson is the name I go by professionally, but it was not my given name. My birth name was Mary Elizabeth Lancaster and my parents called me Libby. When I was newly married I realized that Mary L. Johnson was not who I was and yet that is the name the social security office wanted me to use. I am a bit of a stubborn person and I wanted to use the only name I had every really known, so I hired an attorney and had my name legally “changed.” Now, my name reads “Mary Elizabeth Libby Lancaster Johnson.”

In May of 2016, my son Brandon and I both graduated from Campbell University. Brandon graduated with a BA in Christian Studies and I graduated with my Master of Divinity. He is now pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. My other son Zack is pursuing an Industrial Engineering degree from NCSU following in his father’s footsteps. Not as fun for me but it is for Kenny.